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Methodist International Church


Methodist International Church (Hong Kong)   is a richly diverse Christian family seeking. The AV System at Methodist International Church is divided into two sections. Section A covers all AV system and cable facilities for 1/F Main Sanctuary, 5/F Church Hall and 22/F Sky Chapel while Section B is for Basement Wesley Chapel, Youth Hall, G/F, 3/F, 6/F, 8/F, 13/F, 14/F, 15/F, 16/F and 17/F. Methodist International Church of the above mentioned areas will have its only AV system or equipment specifically designed and installed to suit the function activity purpose. 

This hall has the most system installed and has the highest ceiling level and largest seating capacity comparing to other halls within Wesleyan House. We will start off with the system power and equipment control. The very basic any operator should know when he or she walks into the AV control room. 

The Main Sanctuary equipment includes a control system which allows conveniently control over most of the network base devices from one central point, in the 2/F AV room as well as in open space within the Hall using the Huawei HZ-W09 touch screen tablet.

Since Main Sanctuary as well as Fellowship Hall and Sky Chapel are uniquely designed, major audio / visual equipment are required to be neatly installed in equipment rack. The equipment rack for the Main Sanctuary equipment is kept at 2/F AV Control Room. External antennas and boosters have been added to location above the stage to increase the RF reception of the wireless microphone system.

In the course of the project, our engineers encountered difficulties that needed to be solved. For example, in the church project, the customer had requirements for the audio equipment, and hoped to set the audio equipment as mobile audio equipment. Our team also tried to meet the needs of the guests, and modified the audio equipment to become standing audio equipment.

In addition, customers have requirements for quality, we will also select and provide suitable products for customers, among which the place for engineering is the auditorium, the selection of materials must comply with the fire regulations, the selection of materials need to take into account the fire resistance function.

Finally, the project was completed on time and the customer was very satisfied with our service. In the process, our engineers will make efforts to meet the needs of customers, so that customers can be satisfied with the project results.