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           St. Regis Hotel


St. Regis hotel  is located in the old China Resources Tower. The St. Regis hotel Hong Kong offers 129 suites, Chinese and French restaurants, five function rooms, and a pillarless ballroom. Audio Systems Consultants (Asia) limited with delivering AV systems for the main ballroom, conference room, presidential and deluxe suite, and facilities for guest rooms along with digital signage and background music in public and outdoor spaces. 

St. Regis hotel ballroom is 6.4 meters high and covers an area of over 510 square meters. The main ballroom at the St. Regis hotel in Hong Kong sets itself apart from the competition due to the selection of displays. The main display in the ballroom was a 300-in projection. The LED video wall is complemented with supporting projection displays on the sides of the ballroom.

Regarding the challenges faced when it came to deploying the displays, It was St. Regis’ specific aim to have that high vertical height and spatial aspect for the ballroom and to not have too much equipment taking up the space. About the MEP parts such as the air-conditioning, the electrical works, and public alarm and fire evacuation components are all housed in the ceiling to find space for our speakers and projectors. However, this meant that there were added restrictions to how and where the AV systems could be deployed, It was quite difficult to find this space. 

At the same time, the chandeliers and light fixtures present made it difficult to deploy the projectors. A tangent projection screen was required and customized as the length of the projection is lowered down from the motorized rack to cater to the big chandeliers that may block the views from the projection screens. The tangent of the projection screen is to ensure that the projection screen is straight given the length when it is lowered down.

Finally, the problem of insufficient design and construction time for the main ballroom of this project needs to be solved. In the process, our team kept trying and good communication could complete the project, and customers were satisfied with this project.